Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"D"  Part II

Well, no need to say, but I will anyway, "D" walked (swaggered) in the next day.  He owned us big time.  I told everybody to just stand down and we would keep an eye on him.  The next day boded no better.  He started at lunch time with the mouth and belligerent attitude.  So, I told his teacher. A phone call would be made.

I called mom.  I explained what had happened since she and her husband had been in.  I told her that her son was acting like he owned the place.  Mom said, "I will be up at lunch."

True to their word, mom and dad showed up after lunch.  I filled them in on the last day and a half.  I assured them that "D" had been given a lot of rope because of the recent encounter.  They assured me, that they had not given him any power to play the fool.  Mom asked me to call him downstairs, and "Could we have a little private time in your office with him?"

No problem.  "D" came down flashing that wonderful grin, and I swear I heard it fall right off his face and hit the floor when he saw his parents.  They stepped into my office, closed the door, and basically, all hell broke loose.  I could hear the pounding and yelling all the way across the hall.  The sobs were Emmy worthy.  I knew they weren't hitting him, but they were smacking the  crap out of every surface in my office.  At one point, our school secretary, who was a tough New York girl, said "Boss Lady, you have to save him."  I said "When the fish tank comes flying down the hall I will intervene."

The cacaphony lasted about 3 or 4 minutes, and they walked out of my office.  Mom and Dad assuring me I would never have to call them again, and "D" was snotting, sobbing, and chuffing out an apology.  They did not lay a hand on him, but scared him within an inch of his teen years!  I never did have to call them again.  "D" didn't become a model student, but he came close.  Ironically, at the end of the year, they were moving out of the city.  Mom (the tough, scary, one) cried and said "I so wish he could stay here, I love this school!"

I think about that great smile.  I hope he put it to good use.  He was a neat kid.

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